Presentation Guidelines

Oral Presentations

Each oral presentation is allocated 15 minutes. To keep the conference running on time, this time limit will be enforced. We recommend that you plan to speak for about 12 minutes, leaving 3 minutes for questions from the audience.

Please rehearse your presentation before you give your presentation at CCN. Pre-recorded presentations are not allowed.

At the conference, please test your slides prior to the start of your session. You can perform this testing in the regular lecture room.

Poster Presentations

Rectangular boards will be provided, with the full space available for your poster. The recommended poster size/orientation is A0 (Portrait): 84.1cm wide by 118.9cm high. Although we recommend large posters to ensure visibility by your audience, the poster is not required to fill the entire board.

Please bring your own push-pins if you can. We will have a fwe spares for emergencies.

Click the image below for a high-resolution PDF.

Each poster will be assigned a number, called the Board Number, which will indicate where to post your poster.

We encourage poster presenters to print out their posters ahead of time and bring them to the conference, as local printers may not have capacity to do a large number of posters on short notice. If you would like to have your poster printed locally, some options are available below. Be sure to call and arrange ahead of time to confirm availability and poster specifications.