CCN Organizers

Executive Committee

  • Laurence Hunt, Associate Professor, University of Oxford (co-chair)
  • Chris Summerfield, Professor, University of Oxford (co-chair)
  • Talia Konkle, Associate Professor, Harvard University
  • Ev Fedorenko, Associate Professor, MIT McGovern Institute
  • Thomas Naselaris, Associate Professor of Neuroscience, University of Minnesota

Programme Committee

  • Leyla Isik, Assistant Professor of Cognitive Science, Johns Hopkins University (chair)
  • Megan Peters, Assistant Professor of Cognitive Science, UC Irvine
  • Laura Gwilliams, Assistant Professor of Psychology, NYU
  • Gemma Roig, Professor of Data Analytics and Modeling, Goethe University Frankfurt
  • Nico Schuck, Professor of Psychology, University of Hamburg
  • Eric Schulz, Research Group Leader, Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics
  • Maria Eckstein, Research Scientist, DeepMind
  • Benjamin Peters, Marie Curie Fellow, University of Glasgow
  • Jean-Remi King, Research Scientist, Meta & CNRS

Technical Programme Committee

  • Erin Rich, Associate Professor, Mount Sinai School of Medicine (co-chair)
  • Bruno Averbeck, Chief, Section on Learning and Decision Making, NIMH (co-chair)
  • Ian Charest, Associate Professor, Université de Montréal
  • Mariya Toneva, Max Planck Institute for Software Systems, Saarbrücken
  • Jasper van den Bosch, Researcher, Université de Montréal
  • Kohitij Kar, Assistant Professor, York University, Toronto, Canada

Communications Committee

  • Kim Stachenfeld, Research Scientist, DeepMind (chair)
  • Steve Fleming, Henry Dale Fellow, University College London
  • Rui Ponte Costa, Senior Lecturer in Computational Neuroscience and Machine Learning, University of Bristol


  • Aldo Faisal, Director, UKRI Centre in AI for Healthcare, Imperial College
  • Michael J. Tarr, Kavčić-Moura Professor of Cognitive and Brain Science, Carnegie Mellon University

Local Organising

  • Nicholas Myers, Assistant Professor, University of Nottingham
  • Nicholas Irving, Oxford Neuroscience Co-ordinator, University of Oxford